Travel Tips

5 New Travel Gadgets That Are Becoming Essential

It used to be that a smartphone, camera, and laptop and/or tablet were the only travel gadgets you needed. But now it seems like your gadgets need gadgets. Sure, there are tons of unnecessary accessories, but there are also a few new tools that really can improve the travel experience and your existing travel technology. Find out why you should make room in your carry-on for these five gadgets, fast becoming the new essentials.

Portable Chargers


You might have the best smartphone, the latest tablet, and the coolest digital camera, but all your technology—no matter how grand—becomes worthless once the battery dies. These days, a smartphone battery can start the day at 100 percent and be under 5 percent by noon. Not only are we using our phones more, but weaker networks or roaming can rapidly drain a battery. The good news is there are literally hundreds of portable chargers available.

So, how do you pick the right portable charger? Size matters. For example, the Magicstick from Powerocks is about the size of a lipstick. It holds a charge in a lithium ion battery to boost your smartphone or other device. You might think that small is cute, but it also packs less of a punch and needs to be recharged more often. Solar chargers are an interesting option. They don’t need to be recharged and are great for outdoor activities. The sCharger-5 is a strong contender for solar power. It doesn’t need to be plugged in and is durable enough to handle even camping and hiking trips.

For the most effective portable charger, go big or stay home. Most small chargers can power an iPhone once or twice, but opt for a larger, usually more expensive charger, and you can power your device five or six times before having to recharge the battery. Options include the Mophie Juice Pack , the Anker 2nd Gen Astro3 12000m, and the ZaggSparq 3100.