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Travel Tip: Make Travel Planning Easier With These Apps

travel_appsNo amount of guidebooks or Google searching can get you all the local information about a place. That’s when travel planning apps can really come in handy.

Now, I’m not just talking about preloaded guidebooks for your smartphone.

These are tools modeled on social networking so, the more people who use them, the more information you get.

The most recent app is Findery, where users can upload sites or experiences that they find on the road—along with photos or videos—and geotag it on a map.

They just launched, but the cool thing is they spent a year collecting and curating information so it’s already loaded with details.

Jetpac City Guide uses Instagram photos to rank places on a map. You choose a category like bars, outdoor places, or music venues. It will generate a list of the top ten places near you, based on your interests.

Then there’s Trippy, which has been around for a few years now. It’s basically a Q&A forum for whichever city you are in or traveling to.

Think of this as crowdsourcing your travels—and then making the decision for yourself.

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