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Travel Tip: Apps to Help You Tour With Locals

It’s one thing to visit a destination and go on a guided tour. It’s quite another to be able to immerse yourself and explore your new location with a local — to see it through the eyes of someone who lives there. And there are now some apps to let you do just that.

Showaround allows travelers to book a private tour with a local. The prices for a tour on average cost between $7 to $20 per hour. And a few guides even offer free tours. Before booking,  you can even read the reviews on your individual guide by other users.

Then there’s Girl Gone International (GGI), which claims it is a safe online platform for women to connect with the local women as well as expats living abroad in cities around the world.

Withlocals also helps travelers find private tours offered by locals.

And if you want to meet your local over dinner, consider using Eatwith. And by “dinner,” I mean you’ll have something like a “creative dinner in a sculptor’s studio” in Barcelona, “Malibu Beach house wine dinner” in Los Angeles or “Italian dinner with a panoramic view of Rome.” The cost ranges between $30 and $130 per person, which in some locations can be cheaper than just eating out. And of course, it comes with a conversation.

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