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Travel Tip: Apps to Help You Avoid Travel Delays

Locations in this article:  Las Vegas, NV Portland, OR Salt Lake City, UT

Whenever we travel by car, public transportation or by air, we risk the very high likelihood of delays.

But there are now some very useful apps that can give you real time information to either save time before you actually travel or avoid delays once you embark.

Transit App will help you navigate through public transportation. It knows routes, service disruptions, and sends departure time as well as stop reminders. It’s available in 91 U.S. locations as well as Canada, France and the U.K.

Lufthansa developed AirlineCheckins. It works regardless of your choice of airline. It checks you in based on your seating preference and alerts you to current flight status and gate changes.

Then there’s an app called Enlighten. It uses real time traffic information from GPS and cell signals. This app warns drivers when traffic lights are about to turn red, yellow or green. It also advises you on how fast you need to drive to make that next light without exceeding the speed limit. It now operates in a few U.S. cities like Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, but will be expanded soon.


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