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Travel Tip: European Cities with Free WiFi and Where to Find it

When you travel abroad, roaming charges can get very expensive. But in many European cities, you can easily do without the sticker shock and stay in touch with your friends and family back home–all thanks to the growing number of free public WiFi locations.

For example, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is one of the most connected cities in the world. You can find free WiFi in many public spaces such as squares, parks, beaches, train stations and the streets of the Old Town. In fact, Estonia has the sixth fastest public WiFi in the world.

Vienna has over 40 free WiFi hotspots in the city center, including places like City Hall Square, the Burggarten Vienna Garden and Stephansplatz. Just look for WLAN! WiFi network. You can also find free WiFi on many subway stations.

In Barcelona, the local government launched an aggressive WiFi initiative, which has now become one of the world’s largest free internet networks. The city has more than 600 hotspots with free public WiFi.

In Portugal, Lisbon’s city center is also equipped with multiple free WiFi locations.


And if you need WiFi in Moscow, just take a subway. All the trains have free access to the internet, and the signal is so strong that you can even stream music.


In Helsinki, the free WiFi all around the city is strong enough to let you to watch videos.


One important caution remains, however. It’s not where you use the WiFi, but how! Never do financial transactions or online banking using free WiFi. That signal can often be hacked.


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