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Travel Tip: What You Should Know About Hotel WiFi

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hotel deskWiFi at hotels remains a common source of traveler complaints, and it’s usually about the cost.

More often than not, hotel WiFi is a negotiable charge, and you should ask the hotel to waive it at the time you make your reservation—which means you need to have a phone call with the hotel.

But there’s another problem associated with costly hotel WiFi.

If we find we still have to pay for it, many of us will do anything to find a free hotspot, and that can be even more costly.

Welcome to the world of the fake WiFi hotspot.

For example, one might pop up on your screen with the name, “Sheraton Hotel WiFi” and appear to be free.

But the real network might actually be Sheraton Hotel Guest WiFi. If you opt for the former, clever scammers can get all your information.

If you shop online, all your credit card information is susceptible as well.

So how can you tell the difference?

Just check with the front desk for the correct name of the in-house WiFi network before ever logging on.

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