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Travel Tip: Websites and Apps to Help You Plan an Event


Trying to figure out a schedule is tough enough when you’re at home. But when you’re on the road and want to get together with friends that can be downright challenging. Now there are websites and apps to help you plan an event! asks your friends to select from a calendar so you can see what dates and times work best for everybody. makes planning a group dinner very easy. It allows you to essentially poll your friends to see which dates and times and locations work best.

Want to get a little more fancy? grants you full control over all your online invitations. Now, it charges between $19 and $99 a month for a serious party. But if you want it for free, then just keep your invitations to less than 100 people per month. I’m pretty sure that I can do that.

But for my money, I don’t do formal invitations. I’m a big fan of not having any plans and just letting things happen on their own. That’s when the real parties happen.

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