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Travel Tip: How Vacations Inspire Life-Changing Decisions

Most of us can answer the question of why we go on vacation, but let’s dig a little deeper. Once you’re on vacation, do your daily patterns change, especially the time you spend…thinking? The answer is yes.

In fact, a recent study researched how vacations inspire or trigger life-changing decisions.

Four thousand, four hundred Americans were asked if they ever considered life-changing decisions while abroad, and 77% said yes. And what were those decisions? Eighteen percent said they decided to quit their  job, 14% decided to get in shape, 12% decided to have children, 6% said they decided to have an affair. And 5%–my category–decided to get a pet.

But be careful before your next trip. The number one life-changing decision triggered by a vacation was 31% said they decided to get a divorce. 

By Peter Greenberg for

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