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Travel Tip: The Importance of Going On Vacation

Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

It’s a new year and it’s time to reassess the word vacation.

Sadly, Americans are using less and less of their allotted vacation time each year.

The average number of unused vacation days last year was more than five.

In terms of dollars and cents, that’s $504 worth of work most of you did for free last year.

But some corporations are realizing that more vacation time can actually lead to more productive employees.

Some companies are offering unlimited vacation time, others are offering three-day weekends every week, and it’s become a win-win.

The companies are discovering that people are starting to work smarter instead of longer.

If you’re like the majority of Americans and have unused vacation days, let 2016 be the year you actually take that time.

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