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Travel Tip: Passports With the Easiest Access to Other Countries

Here’s a question that doesn’t get asked very often.

Which country has the most powerful passport for travel?

Meaning, which passport grants you the easiest access to more countries around the world than any other?

A power passport lets you go to multiple locations without getting a separate visa for each country.

The winner? Singapore gets you into 159 countries.

Finland comes in second with 156 countries.

The U.S did not land in the top five on the power passport list.

Not surprisingly, the country that ranks lowest on the list for passport power is Afghanistan, which gets you into just 22 countries.

What most travelers don’t realize is the concept of reciprocity.

Every time one country makes it tougher for citizens of another country to enter without additional paperwork or fees, the other country reciprocates with its own paperwork and fee requirements.

So if it’s tough for you with a U.S. passport to go somewhere without a visa or paying a fee, you can reasonably assume we’ve made it tough for that country’s citizens as well.

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