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Travel Tip: Why You Should Have a Duplicate Passport

passportIt’s sad but true. Most Americans don’t own a passport.

Only about 37 percent of U.S. citizens have one.

But smart travelers actually have two passports.

Yes, U.S. State Department regulations allow Americans to hold two separate valid passport books at any given time.

Why would you want this?

It gets you access to politically sensitive locations that may not like other countries (especially those that may not permit entry if your primary passport contains a stamp from one of their enemies).

Having a second passport also reduces the risk of being stuck somewhere if your primary passport is lost.

For frequent flyers, it allows you to apply for one visa and still travel while you’re waiting for the process to be completed.

One caution: The duplicate passport is only valid for two years, but it only has to work once to be more than worth the investment.

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