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Travel Tip: How Much Hotels Charge for Bottles of Water

Locations in this article:  Minneapolis, MN

Every time you check into a hotel room, the hotel has a chance to win your loyalty by giving you a great welcome—a clean room, great lighting, connectivity, and of course, a comfortable bed.

But sadly, too many hotels continue to ruin that welcome with water.

I’m talking about bottled water that is offered to you—for a fee.

Recently, when I walked into my hotel room in Minneapolis, there was a small plastic water bottle with a sign “Quench your thirst.”

In smaller type it said: $3.50.

Are they kidding? How about quench my anger?

We all shop. We know how much things cost. I can get a 24-pack for $10.

The room was well lit and comfortable, but charging for water killed it.

It’s gotten so bad that some of my friends, on principle alone, walk down to the ice machine, fill up their bucket, return to their room, and then torch the ice with their hair dryer—anything to not be gouged by that water fee.

Perhaps it’s time to remind hotels about the concept (and application) of hospitality.

The next time you check into a room where they charge you for water—I’ve seen some hotels where it’s as much as $8—there’s always the hair dryer!

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