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Travel Tip: The Dollar Value of Your Unused Vacation Days

Let’s face it.

We Americans are terrible at taking all of our vacation days.

About 73 percent of us get paid vacations.

But less than half of us take all of our vacation days.

Only 22 percent of us use the bulk of our paid sick time—and there’s very little rollover.

The result? We end up forfeiting about 220 million vacation days a year.

Too many people suffer from fear of missing out or are worried they might be replaced if they’re gone from the office for too many days.

Now there’s a new service that’s figured out a way for workers to actually unlock the value of their unused vacation days.

It’s called PTO Exchange.

It lets you view online the actual dollar value of your unused time.

You can then use that dollar value to book flights and lodging.

Or that money can be donated to a charity, used to establish a 401k, or deposited into an existing one.

Once again, necessity is the mother of invention.

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