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Travel Tip: Pet Apps & Toys You Can Use When You Travel

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If you’re a pet owner, determining what to do with your dog becomes a challenge every time you travel.

Depending on the size and temperament of your pet, taking the animal with you may not be an option.

There are a range of of pet apps that can help you find pet sitters, dog walkers, and even dog talkers.

Check out an app called Wag!

It’s available in cities from Austin to Boston, or from Los Angeles to New York.

It’s a location-based app to find qualified dog walkers.

It’s an Uber or Lyft, if you will, for dog walkers.

DogVacay is a nationwide app to find dog walkers who will even text you photos of your dog.

But what do you do when the dog isn’t being walked and you’re out of town?

Try Furbo—it’s a combination microphone, camera, and treat dispenser.

You can talk to your dog from anywhere in the world, and reward him or her with something to eat.

Then there’s my favorite: GoBone.

It’s a plastic bone that rolls around and even has treats embedded in the wheels.

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