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Travel Tip: How Safe is Your Pet Travel Carrier?

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buttonsIt’s obvious that your pets need to be secured when driving. But just how safe is your pet travel carrier in a crash?

A recent study from the Center for Pet Safety found that not all pet carriers respond the same way.

The best performing product tested was the Gunner Kennels G1 Intermediate.

Some other crates went crashing into the seatback, anchor straps tore, and the doors were destroyed.

In another test, cheaper, untethered wire crates failed entirely. They’re only designed to prevent distracted driving, not pet safety.

The biggest issue is an unregulated industry, so companies can make all sorts of claims with no standardized testing.

Talk to your vet about whether your pet needs a crate or a harness. If you do use a crate, secure it with cargo area anchor straps and not rubber or elastic bungee cords.

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