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Travel Tip: A New Tool to Help You Get Around Europe

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Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

There are literally dozens of apps out there that can search for the best airfares. Others can find cruise bargains.

There’s even an app that measures the agony index of any particular flight, the history of how many times that flight has been late, or how many times the fares have gone up on that route.

Now there’s an especially useful service if you’re traveling to—and more importantly, if you’re traveling through—Europe.

It’s called GoEuro, and it allows to compare prices and schedules for different modes of travel across 12 countries in European.

The app tells you whether it makes more sense to fly, take a train, or a luxury coach. You can even find car sharing opportunities.

It’s not just based on price. The app tells you which routes are faster in terms of real time.

Recently they introduced a beer index—where you can find the cheapest or most expensive beer in Europe.

I would be careful with that last feature. After all, you do want to get from Point A to Point B safely.

For more information about app you can use on the road, check out:

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