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Travel Tip: How the Leggings Ban is a Reminder of Airline Dress Code

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unitedMany of you might have seen the story about the two passengers on the United flight who were denied boarding because they were wearing leggings.

The attire apparently violated an internal company dress code rule for employees or relatives of employees.

It created a firestorm of protests on social media about the concept of an airline dress code.

Part of the outrage about the leggings incident—and the rule for employees—was the surprise that there’s a dress code at all.

But should there be? What constitutes appropriate dress on an airplane?

Basic hygiene should count.

It’s not okay to walk around the plane barefoot—or worse, cutting your toenails on board.

But what about tight-fitting Lycra? Flip flops? Ripped jeans? No underwear?

What most flyers don’t know is that airlines already have these rules.

The airline does have the right to refuse transportation to those who are barefoot or not properly clothed.

Who determines that? At this point, the gate agent.

So please keep your shoes on and leave your beach attire in your suitcase until you get to the beach.

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