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Travel Tip: How I Get a Good Night’s Sleep While Staying at a Hotel

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hotel2My friends are always amazed at my ability to function on about four hours of sleep each night.

I consider myself one lucky traveler.

But what about the rest of you, trying to sleep in different locations with different beds and a host of unanticipated distractions?

I can’t guarantee you’ll sleep longer, but here’s my advice on how to sleep better when you’re traveling.

I always keep my watch on the time zone where I live.

Why? It allows me to adjust to what my friends and family are doing.

Then I’ve mastered what I call the center seat zen.

I don’t care what my reservation or boarding pass says—I’m convinced I’ve got the center seat.

If that’s what happens, then I’m not disappointed.

If I’m not stuck in that dreaded middle seat, it’s a pleasant surprise.

I don’t drink alcohol on the plane. When I get to the hotel, I ask housekeeping to send up at least two additional pillows and take the longest, hottest shower I can.

Then those pillows will go a long way to compensate for any uncomfortable or strange bed.

Four hours later, I’m ready to go.

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