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Travel Tip: How Often Travelers Actually Use the Hotel Pool and Gym

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RC_MuscatIf you listen to most travelers, they’ll tell you in just about every survey that they make their hotel reservations based on whether the property has a great fitness center.

Resort travelers will tell you the same thing about hotel pools.

If a hotel has one, they’ll stay there.

Now here’s the irony.

Ask these hoteliers how many of these guests actually use the fitness centers or the pools, and the result is less than 10 percent.

In a survey done last year by American Express, a whopping 49 percent of millennials said that an onsite gym was one of the most important hotel features that guided their accommodation decisions.

That doesn’t mean they’re using the gym.

Some guests might use the yoga mat that a growing number of hotels provide in guest rooms.

But that’s about as far as they go.

In the meantime, many hotels are getting creative by enticing more guests to actually exercise on the road.

At the Kimpton Alexis Hotel in Seattle, there’s a rock climbing wall and monkey bars.

But for the most part, the gyms and pools remain some of the most underutilized facilities at most hotels.

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