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Travel Tip: Airlines Introduce Lie-Flat Seats in Business Class

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qatar-airwaysFor years, many airlines that offered so-called business class seats got away with a little game.

You were actually sitting in a coach seat, but the airline didn’t fill the middle seat.

You didn’t get additional comfort and the seat didn’t have any additional recline. You just felt slightly better not rubbing elbows with the poor soul in the middle seat who was having a worse time than you.

Or the airlines would boast that they had lie-flat business class seats, which turned out in many cases to be flat lies.

The seats reclined, but you found yourself at an uncomfortable angle—often in the fetal position.

Now, there’s a real lie-flat battle in business class.

United Airlines has introduced Polaris to the front of the cabin.

Qatar Airways is bringing out new business class seats.

Hawaiian Airlines has just debuted a real lie-flat seat that folds out into a 76 inch-long bed. For the airline’s nonstop New York to Honolulu flights, that gets a big mahalo from passengers.

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