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Travel Tip: More Airlines Embrace Basic Airfare

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Image Credit: Lasse Fuss

Image Credit: Lasse Fuss

If it looks like some airfares are decreasing, they are. If you’re only interested in getting on a flight, don’t care where you sit, have no baggage, or don’t want to accumulate frequent flyer miles, you’re in luck.

2017 is on track to be the year of the very basic fare.

Delta and American have this option, and now United has its version called “basic economy.”

What does this fare get you?

You get absolutely nothing, other than getting you where you want to go.

You’re restricted to a purse and a single personal item, as long as both fit under the seat in front of you.

You can certainly forget your wheeled carry-on, you can’t use the overhead, and you’re in the last boarding group.

Your seat is more than likely assigned at the gate—and you know what that means—the dreaded middle seat.

If you’re traveling with a friend or with your family, don’t count on sitting together.

You also won’t earn any frequent flyer miles.

So, if getting a great fare is your only goal, then you’ll be fine, as long as you hold your breath in that middle seat and pack very light!

For a lot of folks, that just might work.

But check your fare category directly with the airline before heading for the airport, so there’s no confusion about what you’re getting—or not getting.

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