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Travel Tip: New Apps That Can Help You Navigate Airports

Locations in this article:  Amsterdam, Netherlands Chicago, IL Phoenix, AZ

airportIf you’ve booked a connecting flight lately, you may have noticed that the airlines often give you very little time between those connections.

At many airports, where the walk between gates—or in some cases, between terminals—can be more than a mile, changing planes has become a challenge of Olympic sprinter proportions.

Now there are some apps that can help you navigate airports more efficiently.

In theory, these apps can speed you through the airport.

An American Airlines app offers turn by turn directions at Chicago’s O’Hare, San Jose, and Phoenix airports.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport now has a directions app.

United Airlines is testing an app to get you through Terminal C at Newark, where it’s easy to get lost.

But be careful…many of these apps might also soon bombard you with advertising and unsolicited offers, depending on where you are at the airport.

You know what that could mean….delays.

For more information about apps you can use while you’re traveling, check out:

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