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Travel Tip: Why Safe Haven Travel is on the Rise

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Image Credit: Darra Stone

Image Credit: Darra Stone

In a world of global uncertainty and conflict, travelers may be changing their destination choices.

Research organization Forward Keys reports that more and more people are seeking out destinations that at least appear to be less risky.

It’s called safe haven travel—cities and countries where there is less perception of danger.

Bookings to Spain and Portugal, for example, are up.

Meanwhile, reservations to France and Turkey are down between 15 and 30 percent.

Ocean cruise bookings have increased by 38 percent.

Are you thinking about a trip to Norway? So are a lot of other folks—but the prices have gone up.

Yet trips to the Middle East and reservations to Egypt have flatlined.

So what does this mean to you?

Everything is relative.

It depends on your definition of risk—and the likelihood of real danger.

Not surprisingly, there’s also the price factor.

There are now discounts to France, Egypt, and Turkey.

If you analyze the potential risks, it’s a great time to go to these destinations.

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