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Travel Tip: How You Can Save on Airfare This Fall

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airplaneUsually at this time of the year, a number of airlines start fare sales to Europe with prices about 20 percent off the regular coach fares.

But this fall is different.

The British Brexit vote and the power of the U.S. dollar against a number of foreign currencies have resulted in a lot of empty airline seats and hotel rooms, so the sales this year are especially attractive.

British Airways has offered a great deal to London, and they’ve thrown in hotel rooms in the package.

It’s good from most of its U.S. gateway cities.

Aer Lingus just announced a fall and winter sale from Los Angeles—starting at just $499.

Icelandic airline WOW is now offering $99 fares to Iceland from Miami, and connecting flights to London, Berlin, and Amsterdam will cost you just $149 more.

Norwegian Air is flying from Miami to Barcelona next year for $179 each way, and from Oakland to Spain for $199.

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