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Travel Tip: Delta Creates New Tracking System for Checked Luggage

Image Credit: Courtney Crockett

Image Credit: Courtney Crockett

If you’re like me, you believe there are only two kinds of airline bags—carry-on and lost.

The airlines appear to be doing a better job when it comes to damaging, delaying, or outright losing your checked luggage.

Last year airlines only mishandled 6/5 bags per thousand.

That still translates into thousands and thousands of bags each year that don’t get to their destination when you do.

For Delta, the financial tipping point has been reached.

They are investing $50 million into a special tracking system with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) baggage tags that can instantaneously track your bags in real time.

These tags really work—with more than 99 percent accuracy.

The hope is that more airlines will embrace the system.

It’s also keyed into the airline’s app, which can alert you way before you land as to whether or not your bag made it onto your plane in the first place.

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