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Travel Tip: Airlines Add More Space for Carry-On Luggage

cabinFor those of you (like me) who believe there are only two kinds of airline baggage—carry-on and lost—there is always the challenge of trying to get your bags into those overhead bins.

With more and more of us trying to use only carry-on bags, the amount of available space has been drastically reduced.

It’s now estimated that for an average flight on a 737, one third of the passengers will not find space for their carry-ons.

That problem is only going to get worse as airlines charge for checked bags.

But now, Boeing has announced that it’s come up with a design for overhead bins that can accommodate 57 more bags—or a total of 174 roll aboard bags.

There will even be room for your coats.

Alaska Airlines is flying the first plane equipped with the new bins. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the bins won’t be fully installed until 2017…and they will only be on one airline.

For the rest of the airlines—and the rest of us—it will still be a race to see who can quickly get on the plane to grab the first available overhead space.

So for those who still prefer to travel strictly with a carry-on….on your marks, get set…good luck.

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