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Travel Tip: DOT Cracks Down on Airlines for Damaged Luggage

luggageMost of us think that an airline has some liability if it loses our baggage.

But what happens if the airline damages your bag?

For years, airlines have routinely denied responsibility for most bag damage, claiming they aren’t liable for normal wear and tear.

That includes a broken wheel, a torn handle, and a ripped zipper.

But now, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has stepped in.

First, the federal agency has upped the financial liability to $3,500 for lost or damaged luggage.

Any damage to handles, straps, wheels, and zippers on checked bags is now reimbursable, or at least subject to review.

Plus, the DOT has put the airlines on notice that they cannot arbitrarily limit their liability.

This is good news for travelers.

But the responsibility is still yours to file a detailed claim.

If your bag is damaged, take photographs and document it carefully.

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