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Travel Tip: What the Brexit Means for American Travelers

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Image Credit: Sean C. Kelly

Image Credit: Sean C. Kelly

We’ve all seen the immediate airfare fallout in the wake of the United Kingdom Brexit vote to leave the European Union.

Airfares—both in coach and in business class—have dropped substantially.

It looks like those discounts might remain for a while.

It all comes down to existing aviation agreements between countries and single European Union aviation agreements have allowed for great connectivity within Europe and beyond.

It also allowed for 160 million air trips last year between the UK and the world.

For the moment, those trips will continue, but how full will those planes be?

That’s where the law of supply and demand kicks in—in your favor.

Unused seats means discounting. This not only during the period immediately following Brexit, but also this fall, when fares are expected to drop even more.

So you might want to start planning for a very affordable fall—now.

For more information about how the Brexit could affect the future of travel, watch Peter Greenberg’s segment for CBS This Morning.

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