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Travel Tip: Should You Cancel Your Trip Because of the Zika Virus?

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mosquito Travel is a perception-driven business, and when fear is involved, it often keeps people from going anywhere.

Remember SARS, the avian flu, hoof and mouth disease, and the Ebola virus?

Thousands of people deferred or canceled trips entirely because of the fear associated with those diseases.

It didn’t stop me from going to Hong Kong, China, England, or Africa.

It’s a matter of doing your homework, talking with your physician, and packing some common sense.

This year, it’s the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

So should you cancel your trip?

I just came back from Puerto Rico and later this month I’m going to Brazil.

I’m not planning on visiting jungle areas, and I’ll pack insect repellent with at least 50 percent DEET.

One piece of advice: When using sunscreen, apply the sunscreen first, then apply the insect repellent.


Again, talk to your doctor and do some research about the particular areas you’ll be visiting.

Then, with few exceptions, you’ll be prepared to go just about anywhere.

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