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Travel Tip: Micro Hotels Offer Small Hotel Rooms, Affordable Prices

pod39How much time do you really spend in your hotel room?

Think about it. Other than showering, sleeping, and watching an early morning or late night show, the answer is not much.

So why do you need a large room, and why would you pay for space that you’re not really using?

Welcome to the brave new world of the micro hotel, where smaller can often be better.

Imagine a hotel room with only 100 square feet of usable space.

One micro hotel is Pod 39 in New York. But the price is right—about $100 a night.

Want to go even smaller? Pod 51 offers rooms measuring just 65 square feet, guests need to share a bathroom.

Hilton Hotels is now introducing its new Tru brand, with about 225 square feet of space per room.

Marriott is working on a hotel model where the rooms will only offer 180 square feet.

If you think you need to go outside your room just to change…your mind, don’t despair.

These micro hotels also offer public area lounges.

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