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Travel Tip: Changes Coming for Cuba Travel

Image Credit: Insight Cuba

Locations in this article:  Havana, Cuba
Image Credit: Insight Cuba

Image Credit: Insight Cuba

As you may have heard, the United States and Cuba have formally concluded an agreement that reestablished commercial airline service between the two countries.

It’s expected that flights will start this fall.

So can you or should you book tickets yet?

Actually, you can’t book flights yet.

Even when you can, you’ll have to confirm that you fall into 1 of 12 categories of authorized travel—people to people, educational, and humanitarian, are among the approved list.

Now starts the jockeying of U.S. airlines trying to get individual rights to fly there.

But keep in mind that of the 110 daily flights approved by the Cuban government, only 20 are slotted for Havana.

The others can go to nine other airports around the country.

Why? Havana is saturated.

There are only 60,000 available hotel rooms in Havana, and you know what that means.

When the flights do start, don’t be surprised to see huge spikes in airfares, not to mention the cost of basic services.

That authentic Cuban cigar? Expect to pay triple the current prices.

So, if you can qualify for authorized travel, don’t wait for schedule flights to start.

Get down there now on a charter flight before the law of supply and demand stings you.

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