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Travel Tip: Not All Driver’s Licenses May Be Accepted at Airports

Security_Screening_at_the_Denver_AirportMost of us traveling within the U.S. have done so under the assumption that our driver’s license is an acceptable form of government ID for airport security.

Now there’s news that residents of a number of U.S. states may not be able to use their valid state driver’s licenses to get on a domestic flight.

It’s all about a ten-year-old federal law called the Real ID Act, which instructed states to adopt stricter restrictions for state-issued ID cards.

Not every state complied.

Right now 23 states are fully compliant, and 19 have been granted extensions through October of this year.

But if you’re a resident of Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington, or American Samoa, you might have a problem.

So, if you have another form of ID while you’re traveling—such as a valid U.S. passport—you might want to bring it the next time—until your state is in compliance.

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