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Travel Tip: What You Need to Know About Your Passport & Visas

Us-passportUnderstanding the logistics behind getting travel visas isn’t easy, and the fact is, the rules can change on a whim.

If you’re traveling for less than 90 days within a six-month period, you don’t need visas to travel to 22 countries in the European Union, and that includes countries such as Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

If you stay longer than that, you’ll have to contact the U.S. Embassy in your destination to find out what steps are required.

Other countries may adopt their own policies. Venezuela only recently announced that U.S. citizens must acquire visas as a matter of security.

But watch out for surprise fees. For example, you have to pay $160 to go to Argentina.

While the rule of thumb is that you must have at least two blank pages in your passport, the State Department just issued a new rule: as of January 2016, you will no longer be able to add pages to your passport.

Instead, you’ll have to get a new passport altogether. If you want, you can request a super-size passport that’s 52 pages instead of the standard 28.

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