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Travel Tip: The Truth About Resort Fees

palazzoIf there’s one fee travelers seem to hate the most—especially when on vacation—it’s the dreaded resort fee.

It’s confusing, and some would say insulting. Why do hotels do it?

It allows them to publish a more competitive room rate to get your attention, but it won’t be what you’re actually paying for your stay.

In fact, not only are more hotels charging this fee—which averages about $21 a day—many are sneaking it onto your bill without disclosing it.

One consumer study found that more than 1,600 hotels are charging resort fees, but they neglected to include them in their originally advertised rates.

Last year, consumers paid more than $2 billion in resort fees, a 35 percent increase from the year before.

So what can you do about it?

It all comes down to whether or not the hotel disclosed the fee when you reserved or booked your room.

If it wasn’t disclosed, you should dispute the charge with your credit card company.

Or, when booking the room in the first place, let the hotel know you want them to waive the fee or you won’t stay there.

Keep in mind that this is an opportunity to vote with your wallet.

For more information about additional fees at hotels, check out:

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