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Travel Tip: The Truth About Hidden Fees at Hotels

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Jericho

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Jericho

If you thought the airlines were getting a little out of control—charging passengers all kinds of fees for everything short of breathing—wait until you check into your hotel.

Many hotels are following the airlines’ lead by charging fees that require you to pay extra for things that used to be free—and the money is pouring in.

This year, hotels are on track to earn a record 2.4 billion dollars on those new fees, which range from early check-in charges, to canceling a reservation, to leaving your bags with a bellman for storage.

Some hotels try to bundle the extra fees—a few call them “hospitality” fees and include Wi-Fi, a towel at the pool, and use of the gym. But there’s nothing hospitable about it.

But are you required to pay these fees? It all comes down to whether or not the hotel disclosed these charges at the time you reserved your room, as well as when you check in.

If they didn’t, you can dispute the charges when you get  your bill.

But if they do, remember that these fees can often be negotiated. But you need to do that before yo get your room key.

For more information about hidden fees at hotels, check out:

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