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Travel Tip: Hotels With Their Own Pets

Bachelor at Bachelor Gulch

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The “Bachelor” at Bachelor Gulch

We’ve all heard about the rise of pet friendly hotels, where you can bring your own Fido and Fluffy without penalty.

But some hotels have gone above and beyond when it comes to being pet friendly—they already have pets waiting for you.

These hotels adopted dogs, cats, and sometimes even birds as their resident mascots.

It started a number of years ago at The Ritz-Carlton in Bachelor’s Gulch, Colorado.

The first “bachelor” was a Golden Retriever who was available to spend time playing with guests.

Now the hotel has a Saint Bernard, as well as a mountain dog, and both are available for walks.

The Jefferson in Washington, D.C. has a Beagle.

The Algonquin in New York has had a rescue cat for years.

At Le Bristol Paris, Burmese cats literally own the place. They lounge full time in the lobby.

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