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Travel Tip: Apps That Track Your Friends & Grocery Shop on the Go

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findIt’s a new year and time to celebrate—or at least acknowledge—some very useful travel apps on the market.

One works like a human GPS. It’s called Find My Friends, and you can download it for iPhone or Android.

You can see where everyone is, where they’re going, when they arrive, and when they leave. But beware the law of unintended consequences.

This app presumes your friends want you to know where they are or vice versa.

It’s made for very good friends and not for jealous or insecure significant others.

Okay, you’ve been warned.

How often have you returned from a trip but all of the neighborhood stores have already closed—and it’s too late to shop for last-minute essentials?

Try an app called InstaCart, even while you’re traveling—or perhaps especially while you’re traveling.

It allows you to grocery shop from anywhere. Then when you get back, all of the stuff you wanted will already be there waiting for you.

For more information about apps you can use on the road, check out:

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