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New Travel Gear You Can Use On Your Next Trip

Well-designed and durable gear can often make a big difference while you’re traveling. We recently discovered and tested new travel gear: cell phone cases, adapters, headphones, TSA-compliant 311 bags, and carry-ons that claim to make your next trip run more smoothly—or at least help you stay prepared for whatever comes next.

LifeProof Frē Power iPhone 6 Case

fre power

The LifeProof Frē Power Case is designed for those who are active and use their gadgets hard—whether it’s hiking, surfing, skiing, or mountain climbing. The case claims to be waterproof, shockproof, drop proof, and dirt proof, so even the clumsiest of us need not worry about breaking another phone when out on an adventure. It also has a built-in 2,600-mAh battery, which can deliver 2x more battery life to your iPhone—ideal for shooting pictures and videos all day. Each case comes with a waterproof cord that connects into the headphone jack, and if you have a pair of waterproof headphones, you can listen to music underwater (just remember to come up for air every now and then). If you don’t want to spring for a GoPro, Lifeproof has belt clips and mounts you can use to shoot videos with your iPhone. $116.99.

Olixar Power Up Kit


If you’re looking for adapters and chargers that are easy to keep track of and can handle multiple devices with limited outlets, check out the Olixar Power Up Kit. The main feature is a travel adapter that has four USB ports, and it can use the four different socket adapters it comes with—that means with one outlet, you can charge four things at once, in almost any country in the world. The kit also includes a small credit card-sized power bank that can charge any device with a micro USB plug in- so no more staring off into space on the plane because you’re trying to conserve your phone’s battery. The kit also includes two non-tangle lightning/micro USB cables that can sync your phone with your computer while charging it. All of these items items come in a fairly sturdy case that’s meant for traveling, which means you can easily throw it in your suitcase or carry-on. $61.99.



The Hoboroll from Gobi Gear is a travel bag that is sure to keep everything it holds organized and accessible. With five internal dividers, clothes and gear can be separated, held in place, and retrieved with ease while you’re out on a hike or backpacking trip. The drawstring opening and compression straps on the exterior allow you to secure everything while scrunching down the bag to take up minimal space. $39.99.

Samsonite Viz Air Laptop Backpack

samsonite viz air

The Samsonite Viz Air Laptop Backpack is ideal if you’re carrying a lot of gadgets along with your laptop. There are four compartments within the pack, along with two mesh water bottle holders on the sides. The front compartment has a fleece-lined sleeve for your tablet, but also has room for several other small items. The top compartment is for smaller items; keys, headphones, earplugs, eyeshades, or other things you want to have easily accessible during a flight or trip. The main compartment can store laptops up to 15.6 inches. It is fleece-lined as well, and has built-in pads to protect your laptop from shock while you’re traveling. The backpack also has a small pouch where you can store your cables and mouse. There are air bumpers on the bottom corners, which means it can stand on its own without falling over. $99.99

Levō Luggage Tray


If you travel frequently with a rolling carry-on and use your tablet while waiting for a flight (and who doesn’t), you might want to check out the Levō Luggage Tray. It slides in between the handles of your suitcase, has a removable 6600 mAh capacity battery pack, and a small tray where you can place your tablet or phone. It’s not large enough to hold a laptop, but you can charge your tablet or smartphone while you’re waiting to board—effectively ending the need to find an electrical outlet in the airport. It’s easily detachable, so boarding the plane is simple, and you can use it to prop up your device while you’re in the air. $59.99

Walking in the Air Travel Bag

walking in the air

The Walking in the Air Travel Bag is designed to make your smaller items more accessible when you are on the move. The bag hangs from one shoulder strap like a satchel, and inside there are pockets for your credit cards, phone, passport, plane tickets, coins, and any little thing you might need to pull out in a hurry. It may look small, but the larger pouch is just the right size to hold a mini tablet or book. They come in four colors; gray, khaki, navy, orange, or red. $62.95.

Flanabags AirQuart Brand Travel Bag


If you want to fly with only a carry-on, but want to handpick what’s in your TSA-compliant 311 bag, check out The Flanabags AirQuart bag. It’s clear, and the zip top has a strap that attaches to the other side of the zipper, which makes it easy to access while you’re going through security. Each bag has a gusseted bottom, so it can easily stand on its own. The bags are TSA compliant—they’re completely clear, have a zip top, and are one quart. Who says going through airport security can’t be easy or fun…or maybe just easy? $22.

LiteGear City Pack

city pack

If you’re looking for a small backpack you can use for sightseeing or brief excursions, check out the City Pack by LiteGear. It’s made of 100 percent polyester micro fiber, and can fold into your luggage very easily. This bag can hold 980 cubic inches, and includes one large compartment that can hold quite a bit, plus two smaller compartments and two side pockets. It’s a soft material, so it could also double as a pillow on long train rides or flights. It comes in black, slate gray, mallard green, and royal purple. $24.95

iClever Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones


One of the most annoying but essential items on long flights are headphones. They tangle, they crinkle, they have to be carefully wrapped and stored, and many times lose sound quality in the air. The iClever Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones address the most common issues with your run-of-the-mill earbuds. First, they’re wireless via bluetooth—which means no more tangling. Secondly, they have top notch noise reduction technology to maintain sound quality on a noisy flight. They last for up to seven hours and can be synced to two devices at once. $26.99.

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