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Travel Tip: Smart Luggage is Coming


In a world where travel technology exist everywhere we look, it’s no wonder our luggage is also getting smarter.

A lot of smart luggage is still in the development stage, but expect to see these innovations on the market soon.

Last year, Airbus introduced the prototype of Bag2Go, a suitcase enabled with an RFID chip.

The technology works with airport and airline baggage systems to track your luggage.

AT&T’s smart bag is a similar product, with a built-in GPS sensor for tracking.

Bluesmart used crowd funding to create a suitcase that you can lock and unlock it using your smartphone. An integrated sensor weighs the bag, and an alert will go off if you wander too far from your bag. Oh, and it has a built-in battery charger.

And watch out for Trunkster, which will have similar features like built-in GPS and charters.

And this one eliminates the zipper altogether. Instead, it opens and closes with a lockable sliding door, making items more accessible, and more secure at the same time.

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