The Best Luggage 2015

Whether you’re looking for a new suitcase of your own or want to buy one for your favorite traveler, we’ve rounded up some of the best new luggage. This year, we’ve taken a look at eight suitcases that are changing how suitcases are made—either by offering breakthrough technology or tough materials to keep your belongings safe. We’ve also found durable carry-ons, and even bags for smaller travelers. Keep reading to discover the best luggage of 2015.



Bluesmart is a brand new company out of New York that has created a smart bag—one that hooks up to an app on your phone and protects itself from theft. The app will track your suitcase, lock your bag when you lose it, and allow you to remotely lock or unlock the bag from a distance. As an added bonus, this bag also has a built-in phone charger and internal weighing system, so you’ll never be surprised by overweight baggage charges again.

The Bluesmart bag is made of the luggage wonder-material polycarbonate, as well as aluminum, and weighs in at eight and a half pounds. You will have to wait for this bag, though; Bluesmart isn’t planning on releasing it until August 2015. Estimated retail price is $450+, or if you contribute to their IndieGoGo fund at the link above, you can get one for $235.


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