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What Do Passengers Hate Most About Airlines?

As frequent—or even infrequent—flyers, there are often things that can get on our nerves. But is there anything you flat-out HATE about airlines?

This summer, Spirit Airlines conducted a survey to find out how passengers really feel. The result? There’s a reason it’s called the State of Hate Report—passengers rated Spirit as their most-hated airline. Those who took the survey also weighed in on other airlines as well, including Delta, Southwest, and American Airlines.

So, what do passengers hate most? Most often cited: all the extra fees. That’s no big surprise—ancillary fees have now become the airlines’ largest profit center.

Next on the hate list: seats, and then…baggage. But there are also some surprises.

Watch my report for CBS This Morning to find out just what passengers hate about flying—and what they would change.



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