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How Much Extra Airline Fees Actually Cost You

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The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and the three busiest weeks of the year for air travel will soon be upon us. It’s common for airline ticket prices to spike this time of year—up to three times their usual price—and that’s not including extra fees. Last week, Spirit Airlines announced that it will be adding an additional $2 to its $35 carry-on luggage fee. The company says the $2 per bag fee will be rescinded after the holidays are over.

Spirit Airlines is atypical in its charging scheme, which is the foundation of the airline’s no-frills business model that allows for incredibly low base fares. But the airline is certainly not the only one charging for carry-ons. A bag on Frontier and Allegiant Airlines will run between $15 and $30, depending on the destination. Spirit, Frontier, and Allegiant Airlines account for 11 percent of domestic routes, meaning that 11 percent of air passengers packing presents and extra layers (we’re talking about winter travel, after all) will be shelling out for added fees. We’ve prepared this handy infographic to help holiday travelers stay informed when comparing airlines this season.
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