Waterproof Luggage to Keep Your Belongings Dry

If you’re planning to travel over the next few months—especially for business—it’s important to have a suitcase that can stand up to the elements. Whether you’re caught in rain, snow, sleet, or hail, it helps to know that your clothes won’t be soaked before reaching your destination. Here’s a look at waterproof luggage you can use during inclement weather.

Lojel Nimbus

lojel 2

Released this past year, Lojel is the first company to create a specific line dedicated to water protection. Marketed as “Luggage for Rain Lovers,” the Lojel Nimbus collection is now well known for its water defensive abilities. The suitcase features a polycarbonate shell that is both rain and snow proof and employs a rubber zipper system. After testing the luggage, Lojel found that travelers can spend eight continuous hours in the rain and water will not penetrate the suitcase. MSRP $299.99

Eagle Creek No Matter What Flashpoint Duffel

eagle creek

Eagle Creek alleges that the No Matter What Flashpoint Duffel is built to endure a rainstorm and just about everything else. Customers who buy the Eagle Creek Duffel automatically receive, “No Matter What,” insurance, which will repair any damage inflicted upon the bag. Made with water-resistant Bi-Tech material, this duffel also features a self-repairing lock system with a storm flap for extra peace of mind. The bag also comes in a variety of colors and runs about $80.

Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Collection


Rimowa’s hard-shell luggage lines are known for being durable, but they are also great for extreme and inclement weather. Made from a pure polycarbonate material—the same material that is frequently used in aircraft and vehicle construction—Rimowa luggage can handle exposure to UV radiation and withstand heat and cold ranging from 125 degrees Celsius to -100 degrees Celsius, or 260 degrees to -150 Fahrenheit. This kind of protection will cost you: roller bags run from $595-$750 on Zappos.

SealLine Zip Waterproof Duffle


This duffle can withstand up to 75 liters of water and is made of scrim-reinforced vinyl, all held together by a waterproof YKK zipper. This bag is great for anyone packing on the lighter side and looking to carry a suitcase onboard. The protection may be a bit excessive for airport needs, but a little extra caution never hurt anyone. The SealLine Zip Waterproof Duffle 40 LTR is $159.95 and the 75 LTR costs $179.95.

Heys Luggage Atlantis Elite Collection


Heys Luggage, like Rimowa, is a hardshell luggage company. They, too, use a pure polycarbonate material, but also offer a water-resistant zipper and a 10-year First Class Unconditional Warranty for the weary. Heys Luggage First Class Warranty claims, “If your luggage is ever broken, even if it was caused by an airline, contact us to have it repaired.” The Heys Luggage Atlantis Elite 26″ costs $259.97.

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By Brittany Malooly for PeterGreenberg.com