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Travel Tip: How to Track New Airline Fees

wingIt’s another day, which means yet another round of airline fees.

American Airlines is now targeting “tweens” with its latest fee.

Kids ages 12 to 14 who are flying without an adult will be charged $150 each way. Until recently, that unaccompanied minor fee was only for kids ages 5 to 11.

Allegiant Air now charges $5 to print your boarding pass at the airport.

Allegiant has also raised its fee to check luggage after you’ve booked your ticket. Meaning, the only way to keep costs down is to pay for checked luggage at the same time as you book. Like you’ve got your bags packed by then!

Can’t keep up with it all? Besides my website, there are a couple of resources to monitor. has a chart that’s updated regularly with the latest fees for checked bags, changing tickets, and just about everything else.

The website Hopper has a fee calculator to show you the total cost of flights, so you can make an informed decision before you book.

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