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Voluntourism Spotlight: Dog Sledding Races in Wisconsin

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dogsWhen you think of dog sledding, Wisconsin may not be the state that comes to mind. But as it turns out, you can go dog sledding—and help an organization by keeping the trails clean, working with mushers, and handling the dogs themselves. 

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Not many people are racing to the airport to take a trip to Wisconsin in the middle of winter, but there is one particular reason to brave the chilly winds and piles of snow. A volunteer organization called Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race Voluntourism Program in Bayfield, Wisconsin is giving anyone an opportunity to learn about the area as well as quash any misconceptions about dog sledding in general.

This particular voluntourism opportunity belongs to the Bayfield community, so it is a chance to get involved and learn about this particular area of Wisconsin and why dog sledding is such an integral part of it.

The event includes mushers moving 6 to 8 dogs across 60 or 80 miles of snow-covered terrain. Volunteers have a chance to learn about dog sledding, the mushers, and even sit down for a spaghetti dinner (a very important element for dog sledding) the night before the big race.

Although it’s going to be COLD, the opportunities for volunteers leading up to the event are endless. Volunteers will be working with the dogs, working outdoors to prepare for the events, learning the ways of dog sledding from the mushers, and helping prepare for the actual race.

A significant portion of the funds raised from the event go right back into the community, helping small, local businesses in the area, and allowing the community to thrive.

The Apostle Islands are filled with Native American history, which volunteers will be able to explore and discover—learning all about the culture and how it connects to this huge dog sledding event, bringing in people from all over the world.

For more information, check out the Apostle Islands website.

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