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Use These Gadgets to Keep Your Devices Charged Before Flying

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We’ve all been there, and many of us more than once: you’re rushing to change planes when you notice that your phone battery is officially in the red zone. You don’t have time to make a pit stop at an electrical outlet (and who knows if an outlet will even be available if you find one), and you’re worried about landing at your final destination with a dead phone. While some airlines, trains, and buses offer access to electrical outlets, a staggering amount of these companies leave travelers in the lurch.

Furthermore, with TSA’s new rule that travelers can’t enter the U.S. with a dead battery, the need to keep a charged phone for frequent roamers is even more crucial. Luckily, there are some options to lower your phone battery related stress levels while traveling. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite wireless iPhone, Galaxy, and multi-platform chargers to keep your devices charged before flying—no outlet required.

iPhone Cases

Maxboost Atomic S


Maxboost offers the most bang for your buck. Not only does this device double the charge life of your iPhone with the push of a button, but it’s also MFI certified (meaning that it has been approved by Apple to work with Apple devices and future software updates), includes a small kick stand to watch videos or shows, protects your phone, and doesn’t compromise your ability to listen to music with its built-in, retractable auxiliary extender. It’s also one of the lighter and sleeker iPhone charging cases at only 3.04 ounces and adds only .63 extra inches in length. $69.95

Mophie Space Pack


Like Maxboost, Mophie’s charging case also doubles your battery life at the push of a button. But Mophie also offers the first battery-charging case that also features built-in storage—up to 64GB extra. After downloading the Space app, you can easily drag and drop items to and from your iPhone. Your extra storage is also safe if stolen—only your unique passcode can access the files. This case is a bit on the expensive side, but if you tend to run out of storage quickly, this charger could alleviate stress. Additionally, it only adds an extra 2.80 ounces and .79 inches in length to your phone. An extra 16GB will run at about $149.95 through the Mophie website, while an extra 64GB of storage will cost you $249.95.

Otterbox Resurgence Power Case

otter box

For the accident prone, Otterbox offers an iPhone battery charging case with military-rated resilience. The battery case delivers more than two times the battery power, charges speedily, and turns off automatically when finished to save power for the next charge. The case is a bit large at 7.5 inches in length, weighs 4.80 ounces, and can be a bit difficult to pop on and off. $99.95



myCharge offers an affordable, self-charging phone case that is also eco-friendly. The case features a high-density battery, which means a smaller carbon footprint. The device not only comes equipped with fast charging technology—which shortens charging time by 25 percent or more—but also can charge the power bank and phone simultaneously when connected to a power source. $59.99

Samsung Galaxy Cases



Samsung now offers a wireless charging option for Samsung Galaxy S5 users. The wireless charging combo, including a flip cover and a charging plate, uses Qi technology to charge your phone—no plugging in required. Unlike the charging cases, though, the phone has to stay put while charging and, because you need both a wireless charging flip cover and charging pad, it can be a bit pricey. The charging flip cover is $69.99, and the charging pad is $59.99 on the Samsung website.

Unu Unity Battery Case


The Unu Unity case is one of the highest user-rated cases on Amazon for the Samsung Galaxy S5. It doubles the Galaxy’s battery life, only adds 1.6 inches to your phone’s length, and incorporates battery stacking technology to keep the case light. It packs on about 4.2 ounces of weight, features a charging port that can be difficult to open, and does not carry the Galaxy’s water-resistant capabilities, but for something durable and affordable, Unu is a good choice. $69.95



Hyperion offers a charging case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 that is both inexpensive and reliable (each case comes with a 3 year warranty). The case uses similar technology to that of a hybrid car, meaning it will not only give you incredible battery performance, but it’s also eco-friendly. Hyperion also offers a variety of colors. Beware though: the installation process is not for the technologically inept, and the case won’t maintain the Galaxy’s water-resistance. $27.99

Multi Platform Chargers

Want a device that can charge a variety of different devices, but doesn’t need a power outlet? Check some of these out:



The Energizer XP18000A can charge up to three devices at once, including everything from laptops to smartphones. Weighing only two pounds, it’s fairly small, which makes toting it while traveling easy. While the device is reliable and convenient, it is also rather expensive and runs for $159.



At only 4.2 ounces, the Danibos Powerbank is definitely the lightest charging device, but can only charge devices that use a USB port—and it can’t charge more than one device at a time. But Danibos makes up for this in battery power and price—the Powerbank costs only $15.98.



Not only can the Poweradd Pilot charge up to two devices at once, but it also carries a high capacity at 10,000mAh. Unfortunately, like the Danibos Powerbank, the Poweradd Pilot is limited to devices that use a USB port, like smartphones and tablets. The Pilot features a sleek, aluminum design that makes this product one of the most durable. Weighing at about 9 ounces, it won’t take up much room when tossed in a carry-on bag. You can find one starting at $23.99, and for $2 extra, Poweradd will throw in a colorful case as well.



The XSORii (pronounced accessory) 12,000mAh Organic Power Bar uses a li-polymer organic blend battery to keep your phone charged…and it does just that—a fully charged case can charge your smartphone up to 10 times before needing to be recharged. The cables can work for smartphones made from 2001 to today, and a wall charger is included. $169.99

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