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Travel Tip: Must-Have Gadgets to Improve Coach Seats

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Photo Credit: Paperclip Design Ltd

Photo Credit: Paperclip Design Ltd

Let’s face it, coach seats aren’t exactly plush. But there are some gadgets that can help make the travel process at least a little more comfortable.

Tired of fighting for elbow room? A new product called the Paperclip Armrest adds a second tier, so two people can use the same armrest without getting into a fistfight.

That airline tray table hasn’t evolved in decades, but that may change soon. A company called Smart Tray International is making trays to accommodate tablets—both when it’s stored in the seat back and extended.

Then there are safety innovations. Traveling with a small child? The CARES harness turns a regular seat belt into a shoulder harness. It’s much safer than a lap belt, and a lot less bulky than carrying an extra car seat.

In the category of you can’t make this stuff up…tall travelers should look for something called the Knee Defender.

It’s a little gadget that prevents the person in front of you from reclining his/her seat. It won’t win you any friends on the plane, but it’ll certainly keep your knees protected.

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