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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference: New Tech to Change Travel

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wwdc14-sessions-hero-backgroundIt is not often that the wizards behind the magic of Apple provide the public with a sneak-peak into the future of technology. But now is one of those rare times. As of Monday, June 2nd, the 25th annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is in full swing. For an entire week, computer programmers from all over the world rendezvous in San Francisco to partake in hands-on labs with Apple engineers and discuss details regarding the future of the company.

For the roughly 5,000 Apple developers lucky enough to score a ticket to the event, this five-day conference is their time to shine, showcase their work, and wow the world. Here are some new technologies we expect will change the way we travel.

Internet of Things

Taxiing to the gate with the seatbelt sign still on? You will now, essentially, be able to be in two places at once.

Apple unveiled what people are calling the “Internet of Things,” the company’s first move into the smart-home technology market. Compiled in a single app, this new technology will allow users to control devices in their homes from remote locations all over the world.

For travelers, this could be huge. Imagine preheating your oven during your ride home from the airport, or connecting to your home security cameras while out at sea.

Vacationing out of the country and you learn there is a change of weather back home? No problem. You will soon be able to adjust your thermostat from abroad.

While this technology is still in its infancy, there is great promise for the future. With an “Internet of Things” in full force, traveling around the world will be easier than ever.

Apple Health

Staying healthy away from home will soon be a piece of cake. In response to Samsung’s fitness-related software in its Galaxy S5, Apple just announced plans to venture into health and wellness personal technology.

The highly anticipated HealthKit app will collect and analyze fitness, nutrition, and other body-related data. It is expected that the app will compile motion-related figures from sensors in the iPhone and further provide its users with pertinent health plans and workout routines.

This health-related technology will work in combination with Apple’s expected wrist-worn devices, and their budding emphasis on consumer health will allow their users to track important data such as blood sugar and blood pressure.

Travelers will no longer have to lug around bulky glucose monitors, but instead, can ride in style with nifty and highly functional bracelets that do the very same thing. Apple is working with the Mayo Clinic to find ways of measuring other vital signs to give its users a comprehensive, personalized picture of their well-being.

Anytime access to your house and health is a very powerful thing. This type of technology will ultimately provide the peace of mind necessary for all types of travel.

The conference will continue until Friday, as anticipation mounts and the world waits for the next big thing. While much of Apple’s future technology is still under wraps, one thing is for sure: these changes will absolutely alter the way we explore the world.

The New iOS 8

Unfortunately, the head honchos at Apple did not leak any new information about the future, highly anticipated iPhone 6 or iWatch. But still, the World Wide Developers Conference came to an end with detailed discussions about the coming changes to the iPhone’s operating system.

While the coming future iOS 8 will not be all that different from its predecessor, it will bring about a valuable perk for us travelers.

This new operating system will allow Apple to provide public transit directions in the next version of their widely used app, Apple Maps. Rather than resorting to alternative services such as Google Maps or Waze, this change will allow travelers to navigate public transportation from within the programs provided by Apple.

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