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Travel Tip: How To Travel Without Ever Leaving The House

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Google_Street_View_camera_carIf there’s one term I dislike, it’s “armchair traveler.” But I do believe in aspirational travel. Of course, there are tools to make travel possible without ever leaving the house.

Most people are surprised to learn they CAN go to North Korea, legally. But if you’re not ready to book your ticket, a London-based website called Uniquely Travel created a North Korea travel app.

It’s the first app to share the culture and sightseeing tips from guides who have actually traveled through the Hermit Kingdom.

The irony is the company that made the app is no longer allowed inside North Korea.

Earthcam is a network of live web cams, so you can see the world in HD, from Boston to Bora Bora.

There are some cool options, like watching a time-lapse of the Washington Monument being restored after it was damaged by an earthquake.

Here’s a fun one….you can go just about anywhere by looking at Google Street View.

Well, now Google has actually created a way to time travel! Sort of. They’re opening up their archives of past Street View images….so you can see how locations used to look—at least, as far back as 2007.

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