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Travel Tip: How Wearable Technology Will Change Travel

glass2Between online booking, flight-tracking apps, and boarding passes in our smartphones, travel is tied to portable technology.

Now wearable technology may be changing how we travel.

You’ve heard of Google Glass, which is a smartphone-slash-computer that you wear like a pair of glasses.

You can find directions, use Facebook, and take video while you’re on the go.

Now Google has announced its first hotel booking app.

While wearing Google Glass, you’ll be able to use the Hotel Near Me app to find hotels based on location, price, and ratings.

The future is already here with the Sony Smartwatch and the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which puts apps, texts, emails, and phone calls—not at your fingertips, but on your wrists.

The Spanish airline Vueling even lets you store boarding passes on the Smartwatch.

Virgin Atlantic did a trial run at Heathrow where staff wore smartwatches or Google Glass to alert them when VIP passengers arrived.

Have you ever heard of “lifelogging cameras?” They’re tiny cameras that you can wear to record just about anything—including your travels.

Sound crazy? I think so. But, hey, who am I to argue with the future?

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